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Energizing society through building, investing and supporting start-ups

Who we are

Siemens Energy Ventures is the entrepreneurial heart of Siemens Energy. Founded in 2020, our focus is on investing, building and piloting ventures that will transform energy systems and will help fight climate change. 


Providing sustainable, reliable and affordable energy for all is how we energize society. Energy is our global lifeblood; powering homes, operating transport systems, run our healthcare systems and enabling industries to function. It sets our quality of life. But right now, to deliver the energy demands of tomorrow and reach our net zero goals on time, our energy systems need to change and become more sustainable today.  


We want to partner with start-ups and founders to accompany you on your growth journey, providing necessary support, guidance and network.


Siemens Energy Ventures offers a unique blend of expertise; our own innovation history can be traced back to 1886, along with market access, networks and deep technology know-how. What we’re looking for is founding teams solving big climate and energy challenges with innovative ideas so we can energize society together.


Our approach

We put founding teams at the center of what we do. We believe a good way to co-create is by first giving our own expertise and resources to help solve the climate problem we are all liable for.

There are four key areas where together we can tackle the technical and commercial challenges across the entire energy value chain. 


Our ventures

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Our investment themes

We’re interested in climate tech start-ups with transformative founding teams, technologies and business models that can help us address future energy demands. Our goal is to create more sustainable, affordable, and reliable ways to generate, transport, store, and convert this energy.

Our current investment themes include: 

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