Encrypted communication

Against the background of constantly growing cyber threats and industrial espionage, we’d like to offer you a simple and straightforward solution for communicating with us in an encrypted and secure manner via e-mail, the most important communication channel for our partners and us.


In the public Certificate Portal of TeleTrust EBCA, you’ll find the current encryption certificates of your Siemens Energy contacts. Just enter the e-mail address there to find and download the certificate you need for encryption. In most e-mail programs, you can include the certificate simply by double-clicking it.


To send encrypted e-mails to your Siemens Energy contact, you need an S/MIME certificate yourself. Please clarify technical questions regarding the use or implementation of PKI technology with the technical contacts in your organization. You can also find more details on the FAQ page of the EBCA.


We currently use the Trust Center of Siemens AG. All verification can be found here. Questions regarding the validity of specific Siemens Energy signature certificates as well as any questions regarding the policy should be e-mailed to this address.