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We are a 9,200 strong team dedicated to serving as a fully integrated, full-service partner and driver of the energy transition. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, our presence in the United States consists of offices in 84 locations including 26 facilities dedicated to manufacturing. Nearly one quarter of our US workforce works in production operations across our Gas Services, Transformation of Industry, and Grid Technologies businesses. Our diversity is our strength, and we are powered by our people and our values. With a focus on sustainability, on the co-creation of innovations with our partners, and on strong engagement in the communities where we operate, we seek not only to deliver on the fundamentals but to lead the energy transformation now.

Is North America ready for the Energy Transition?

The North American region leads the energy transition with clean energy developments globally yet still has the highest levels of emissions per capita in the world. For further reductions to be possible, a concerted effort is needed at all levels of industry, politics, and society.
Learn all about the North American Energy Transition Readiness Index, created in partnership with International Consulting firm Roland Berger.


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Case Study

High Desert gas-powered facility leads the way in California's energy transition

The increasing integration of renewable energy into California's grid is making the demand for dependable, readily available power more crucial during periods of low wind and sunlight. Yet greenhouse gas targets in the state make it nearly impossible to permit new fossil fuel power plants. Consequently, existing plants constructed two decades ago remain the primary sources of on-demand power.


Recent upgrades at the High Desert facility have augmented its capacity by over 60MW on hot days, effectively contributing an additional power equivalent to that of a small-scale plant to the grid. With the latest FX and ULN upgrades to the 3 units on site, High Desert is one of the most efficient power plants in California. ​

North America’s Energy Transition

Staying Competitive in North America’s Energy Transition

Discover the latest trends in the North American power market as well as gas turbine solutions that can help meet the challenges of the energy transition.  

Siemens Energy plans U.S. power grids push

Siemens Energy plans U.S. power grids push, supported by IRA boost

Siemens Energy is considering setting up production in the United States to help modernise the country's power grid. "What drives the U.S. market is the long-term predictability of subsidy conditions under the IRA. Any investor can fairly quickly do the maths on the back of an envelope to figure out the benefits," Chief Executive Christian Bruch said.


HIF Global selects Siemens Energy to supply electrolyzers to new Texas eFuels facility

HIF Global and Siemens Energy reached an agreement which would allow Siemens Energy to expand its electrolyzer manufacturing capacity beyond its previously announced plans.

Transforming energy

Transforming the North American energy ecosystem.

Transforming the North American energy ecosystem requires all of us to face some uncomfortable truths. Rich Voorberg spoke to T&D World about the uncomfortable truths.

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Apex Clean Energy has selected Siemens Energy to provide transformers for Texas hydrogen production site.

In another step toward accelerating the green Hydrogen economy in the United States, Siemens Energy and Apex Clean Energy have executed a contract for long lead transformers to secure the intended overall project schedule for a 300MW Hydrogen Production site located in Texas. This hydrogen production plant is the first phase of Avante Green Fuels, a project in collaboration with Apex, Ares Management funds and EPIC Midstream that is expected to be one of the largest green Hydrogen production facilities in the world. The Hydrogen produced will use a mix of renewables sources of wind and solar and will have various green fuel applications yet to be announced.

SIemens Energy Innovation Center

Orlando Innovation Center

The Orlando Innovation Center (OIC) is a custom engineering solution provider that helps industry and small businesses by rapidly prototyping solutions for business challenges, testing the return on investment for new ideas, and producing end-to-end solutions. Shorter turnaround times are enabled by housing all necessary resources—engineering, robotics, NDE capabilities, software development, machining, and additive manufacturing—in one location.

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