Low- and net-zero power and heat generation 

Making the most of our energy sources to support the energy transition
Sustainable, affordable and reliable power and heat generation

Using energy resources efficiently for sustainable power and heat generation

Urbanization, scarce resources, and climate change: Wherever we look, global challenges are spurring an increasing demand for efficient and low-/net-zero power generation, and energy from renewable sources is becoming more and more important. That’s why energy systems are already undergoing a rapid transformation – and adapting to the high shares of renewables that will be essential for future energy systems.

We’re ready to tackle the challenges:

Harness the potential of change. Trends like the decarbonization of energy systems, distributed generation of energy on-site, and digital service solutions are creating a variety of opportunities in the energy business. Enjoy competitive advantages – with the help of our in-depth expertise and state-of-the-art products and services.

We’re helping our customers to successfully meet their challenges – from industrial companies and power utilities to energy investors and governments. Whether we’re talking about conventional or renewable energy: We focus on developing energy concepts to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the energy landscape of countries and regions. We also formulate Country-specific energy implementation roadmaps to enable their ecological, economic, and social development. Put your trust in forward-thinking power and heat generation from Siemens Energy – worldwide.

In the new era of a more sustainable, affordable, and reliable power generation, we’re determined to remain the partner of choice for our customers. With our technology, solutions, services, and capabilities, we strive to set new benchmarks for decarbonization and the transformation of the energy system.
Karim Amin, Member of the Executive Board & Executive Vice President Gas Services, Siemens Energy

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Increase the flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and availability of your power and heat generation assets throughout their entire lifecycle – with service solutions from our highly skilled and deeply committed Siemens Energy Service Experts.
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Modernization and upgrades, repairs and maintenance, remote diagnostics and spare part programs – we customize your individual service package to meet your needs.


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Discover some of our many success stories about energy production, and learn how other power suppliers and enterprises are already benefitting from efficient, reliable, and sustainable Siemens Energy power generation products and solutions.
Hydrogen power with gas turbines supports the energy transition
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Hydrogen power with gas turbines

How can gas turbines help meet the World Energy Council’s trilemma of secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy – which places strict requirements on your business? How can you ensure the future role of your existing assets as decarbonization agents that will support the energy transition? Our new white paper provides details on the vital role that gas turbines burning hydrogen as a fuel will play in a world trending toward full decarbonization and an unfolding hydrogen economy. We shed light on the hydrogen combustion process, the capability and operational experience of Siemens gas turbines with hydrogen combustion, your upgrade options, and our roadmap to 100% hydrogen capability.

Hydrogen – Preparing gas turbines for the energy transition

There is an increasing need, and potential, for hydrogen to decarbonize power generation. In this comprehensive white paper, learn about how Siemens Energy is approaching this unprecedented opportunity, readying gas turbines for the energy transition. 


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On-site power generation with gas turbines for data centers with gasturbines
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How can gas turbine technology make your data center future proof?

More and more data: That’s the challenge for the data center industry, the factories of the twenty-first century. Captive on-site power generation can play an important role in ensuring maximum uptime and improving the operator's competitiveness. With our gas turbine technology, we provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for on-site power generation.

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Innovative remote diagnostic and maintenance at Siemens Energy

There are no limits! Learn how we are transforming technician support at the BASF Schwarzheide site with the HoloLens augmented reality headset.