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For the future of power transmission, there’s much to be excited about: a rise in global demand, an increased focus on our environment, the adaptation of digital solutions that optimize our performance and more. Creating a sustainable, digital, and stable transmission grid comes with challenges – challenges that our team at Siemens Energy is best equipped for as your leading industry partner.

We’re prepared for a complex and interconnected energy landscape. Here’s how:

Day Zero: a common commitment

At Siemens Energy, we want to see the global use of F-gases (including SF6) reduced to zero as soon as possible.  So we’re proud to partner with other leading transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers in publicly pledging to eliminate them completely from all of our products.


Read the full statement of 10 manufacturers here

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Various factors will dominate the power transmission market in the years to come: the drive toward renewable energy, the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructure, and the need to gradually replace and upgrade aging grid infrastructure. Discover how our broad portfolio of innovative products, systems and solutions for power transmission expertly supports our customers in these transformations. Join us on the path to grow sustainably.

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Learn more about our recent technologies for efficient, reliable and flexible power transmission in an interactive and digital way.

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