Technologies to support the industry's decarbonization pathways through the energy transition

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The energy transition, and coming along with it decarbonization, creates a new era for the industry and industrial processes. According to the International Energy Agency's tracking report, the sector currently accounts for 38%* of all energy used worldwide and a large share of global CO2 emissions. Yet, the world economy needs to keep going. But at a reduced level of green house gas emissions. What’s needed are smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable ways of operating industrial assets to balance the energy trilemma: a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply. 

Our business area Transformation of Industry is the innovative, agile, and pivotal partner industrial companies can rely on to make all these priorities a reality. Our portfolio includes mission-critical rotating equipment, and electrical, automation, and digital offerings that optimize both these equipment and services. These, combined with continuous innovation in technology, business models, and partnerships will help industrial companies decarbonize their operations at all levels.


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"The energy transition has given organizations opportunities across the industrial supply chain to leverage new technologies and drive towards a more sustainable and viable future. Siemens Energy is uniquely qualified to help our customers achieve these goals.”
Anne-Laure de Chammard, Member of the Executive Board & Executive Vice President Transformation of Industry, Siemens Energy
Energy transition

Global decarbonization requires a new energy system

Our technologies are a backbone of affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems – but honestly, we can’t do it alone. Business, government, and society must work together to create a new and sustainable energy landscape. Global partnerships are needed to balance the energy trilemma – not only in the face of geopolitical crises, but also in managing the energy transition and achieving net-zero climate targets.


This white paper gives an overview of concrete steps to drive the energy transition – step by step and with a clear direction.


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Siemens Energy is committed to serving industrial markets by delivering innovative products, solutions, and services that bring superior profitability and an reduced carbon emissions while ensuring reliable energy supply.

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Our portfolio of technologies to reduce carbon emissions in industrial processes

Are you looking for products, services, and solutions for your industrial application? Try our interactive tool and explore the offerings to reduce carbon and green house gas emissions, increase efficiency.


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Energy transition and decarbonization: Pathways for the chemical industry

In our new whitepaper we describe pathways for the chemical sector to bring its operations and value chain on track toward a more sustainable and resilient energy future.


Decarbonizing this industry is particularly important because of its key role in delivering technology, products, and services that enable the energy transition, and because by reducing its CO₂ emissions, it will enable other sectors downstream to decarbonize their own value chain. 


Latest use cases

With the increasing demands of the energy transition, the industry must find new ways and solutions, including for decarbonization, increased efficiency, use of energy from renewable sources. Together with our customers, we find such solutions based on our technologies, products, solutions and services throughout the energy value chain. Get to know our latest use cases that are in operation all over the world.
sustainable pulp plant Suzano, Brazil

World's largest eucalyptus pulp production line in Brazil will be fossil free

180 MW renewable energy will be sold to Brazil's grid

Since 2000, the global pulp and paper industry has made much  pogress decarbonizing its operations to mitigate climate change. Suzano is one producer that aims to set the pace for both efficiency and green sustainability , headquartered in Brazil, with 11 pulp mills and 10.9 million tons of current output a year.

Read in this Paper360 article how Siemens Energy supports Suzano to reach its ambitions.