At Siemens Energy our purpose is to energize society, and we have a plan. Our top focus areas in ESG and innovation share how we're making the future of tomorrow different today, for both our partners — and our people. 

Decarbonization Journey, People and Society

Environment, Social & Governance

The changes we make today shape the future of tomorrow. Here’s how we’re prioritizing efforts for a more sustainably energized society.


Decarbonization Journey

We strive towards climate neutrality in both voice and action. We’re on track to be climate neutral among our own operations by 2030 and actively partner with our clients in 90+ countries to decarbonize their portfolio. By taking a strong stance on key ESG issues, we aim to spark meaningful dialogue that unifies policy makers and business communities for creating solutions that combat climate change.

People & Society

We advocate for the growth of all societies and help by providing clean and reliable energy solutions among a growing global demand. In this mission, we recognize that true societal growth comes with equality and responsibility. Workplace safety and diversity and inclusion remain top priorities and are reflected in our goals.


Future Technologies and Digitalization


Preparation for an energized future requires advancements across our portfolio. That’s why we’ve emphasized innovation at the core of our business.


Future Technologies

Our future-focused technologies bridge the gap for emerging energy systems. As a partner and driver of the energy transition, we've focused our tech innovations across these areas: highly efficient transmission and storage of electricity, power generation with even lower or zero emissions, and reducing CO2 emissions in industrial processes.


We’re digitalizing energy to decarbonize energy systems. We offer a digital portfolio that boosts business for our clients while also protecting them with the best-possible security through custom solutions to combat cyber-threats.